SBIC-Bruker Preclinical Imaging (PCI) Centre

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SBIC-Bruker Preclinical Imaging (PCI) Centre is located at the heart of the Singapore's biomedical research hub at Biopolis. It is intended to foster innovation and idea exchange in imaging.

The centre is a collaborative laboratory established as a partnership between Singapore Bioimaging Consortium (SBIC) under the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and Bruker Corporation.

SBIC is Singapore's national imaging research centre with capabilities in state of the art pre-clinical multimodal imaging (MRI, PET/SPECT/CT, Optical) comprising of a multidisciplinary team of biologists, physiologists, chemists, physicists, electrical/electronics engineers, computer scientists and clinicians.

Bruker Corporation is the leading provider of high-performance scientific equipment, especially Preclinical Imaging solutions for advanced molecular imaging research, as well as instruments for in vitro diagnostics, industrial and applied analysis.

SBIC-Bruker Preclinical Imaging (PCI) Centre houses state of the art imaging equipment comprising Bruker's multimodality In vivo Xtreme and Skyscan 1176 mCT and backed by multimodal imaging equipment from SBIC.

SBIC-Bruker Preclinical Imaging (PCI) Centre provides advanced research, training, equipment demonstration and applications support on Bruker's industry-leading multimodal preclinical imaging platforms in one dedicated space.

The centre is readily accessible to all scientists in Singapore and the region, fostering innovation and applications in biomedical imaging. The centre also welcomes scientists who are new to in vivo imaging.