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Bruker ClinScan With ClinScan A 7 T animal MRI and MRS scanners, the specialists can enter the field of translational research and molecular imaging

ClinScan opens the field of translational research and molecular imaging. The ClinScan, a 7 T MRI and MRS animal scanner, is designed to facilitate translational research from 'mice to men' in the field of preclinical and molecular imaging even further.

ClinScan is Bruker BioSpin's solution for an emerging market of research MRI systems that allows a direct and fast transfer of preclinical studies on animal models to clinical studies on humans. By virtue of the strategic alliance with Siemens Medical Solutions on human high field MRI systems, ClinScan uses the clinical user interface syngo®. Its operation is identical to that of Siemens MAGNETOM TIM systems.

Next to the standard product line Bruker now offers the new ClinScan S-line based on a very compact magnet with 20 cm magnet bore size.


  • 7 T Bruker USR magnet (Ultra Shielded Refrigerated, bore size 20 cm or 30 cm)
  • Bruker gradient and shim coil (gradient strength of 290 mT/m or 630 mT/m, slew rate of 1160 T/m/s or 6300 T/m/s)
  • Bruker RF array coil technology in combination with numerous animal handling accessories
  • Siemens MAGNETOM Avanto/Trio technology with up to 32 receiver channels
  • Clinical routine user interface syngo MR to enable efficient workflow and highly automated state-of-the-art MRI and MRS applications on small animals